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Introducing Arguments By Alexi

Exciting New Generative AI Legal Software For Litigators, Launching September 2023

Introducing Arguments by Alexi, the first generative AI product designed to help lawyers quickly develop legal arguments that align with the desired outcomes of their clients.

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Built on the same AI technology that powers Memos by Alexi, and trained on over 30 Million legal data points, Arguments will allow litigators to enter their desired legal outcome and will respond by outlining any relevant legal arguments that could help the lawyer achieve that outcome. Lawyers can then dig deeper into each option by generating further supporting arguments to help them build a truly compelling case.

Powered By Legal Domain Specific Proprietary AI Technology

Over five years in the making, Arguments leverages the same proprietary, industry-grade AI technology that powers Memos, the original AI product from Alexi.

Litigators can now brainstorm and develop legal narratives faster and with greater confidence than ever supported by the most powerful AI developed specifically and uniquely for litigation. 

Arguments will work seamlessly with Alexi’s original product, Memos, by allowing lawyers to instantly request a complete legal memorandum summarizing relevant case law and statutes for each of the legal arguments generated.

The combination of Memos and Arguments results in the best interactive legal AI platform for litigators, helping them find the relevant law and arguments that empower them to build their case with finesse.

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