Your AI assistant for routine litigation tasks.

Introducing Alexi Chat, the AI litigation assistant for routine tasks, from drafting emails and documents, to answering basic questions about the law, procedure or strategy.

Here to lend a hand, when you need it.

Alexi Chat can answer quick questions about general legal topics, provide an overview of complex areas of law, or help draft correspondence to clients, colleagues, and opposing counsel. Chat works as a helpful companion to Memos and Arguments, kickstarting your knowledge discovery workflow.

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"Draft me an email to opposing counsel"
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"Give me an overview of the current law on XYZ"
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"Help me think through negotiation strategies"

Enhancing the Alexi experience.

In the coming months, Chat will become the common hub that connects Alexi’s rapidly-expanding products and functionalities, becoming the litigator’s indispensable assistant for everything they do.

Gain 5+ billable hours weekly with Alexi.

Get started today for free, no credit card required.