Industry-grade AI for legal professionals.

Alexi's proprietary AI has demonstrated market-leading capability in its knowledge of the law, far surpassing all other industry competitors.

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Alexi Memos

Generate high-quality legal memos in a matter of minutes.

Alexi's industry-grade AI identifies the most authoritative primary law that is responsive to a user's question, then assembles the most salient legal principles into a well-structured research memo, saving legal professionals significant time and effort while reducing errors.
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Alexi Arguments

Construct, articulate and defend your positions with unparalleled finesse.

Arguments helps you brainstorm legally valid arguments to achieve a particular outcome. Looking for the best arguments to convince a judge to award attorney's fees? Or the best arguments to get aggravated damages? Arguments will help point you in the right direction.

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Alexi Chat

Your AI assistant for routine litigation tasks.

Alexi Chat can answer quick questions about general legal topics, provide an overview of complex areas of law, or help draft correspondence to clients, colleagues, and opposing counsel. Chat works as a helpful companion to Memos and Arguments, kickstarting your knowledge discovery workflow.

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