Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to start working with Alexi.

What is Alexi and who is it for?

Alexi is a web-based software platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI to greatly simplify and advance your legal research. We provide answers to legal research questions in memo format, and identify legal issues and arguments that can help you achieve your desired legal outcomes. Alexi is exclusively for legal professionals who are licensed and in good standing with their governing body.

How does Alexi work?

Alexi has a number of legal research products to make your life easier. Instant Memos and Arguments work by automating legal research tasks with sophisticated machine learning software, including LLMs and proprietary retrieval technology. Our Pro Memos product combines artificial intelligence with human legal experience, leveraging the experience of human research lawyers to tailor your memos in a more bespoke manner.

What jurisdictions are covered?

Currently, Alexi operates throughout the common law jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

Is my data on Alexi confidential?

Yes. Every memo that we produce is shared only with the users of the firm that requested the memo. We never share one firm’s memo with any other firm. We abide by the highest standards of data security and privacy. 

How long does it take to receive an answer?

For Instant Memos, the turnaround time is generally 5 minutes or less. For Arguments, you will receive results in about 20-30 seconds. For Pro Memos, the turnaround time ranges from 24-48 hours, on average.

How can I start paying for memos?

Once you complete your free pilot, you can enter a credit card within your account here. The default plan includes 5 Pro Memos, 25 Instant Memos and 50 sessions of Alexi Arguments, for $499 a month, which can be canceled anytime to prevent auto-renewal. If you’d like to learn about our subscriptions and bulk-purchase plans, please reach out to us at

Can I pay without adding a credit card?

Currently, we can only invoice externally for bulk purchases of 50 Pro Memos/250 Instant Memos.

Do you have any subscriptions available?

We have numerous subscriptions available, depending on your monthly research needs. These plans start at $499 a month for 5 Pro Memos, 25 Instant Memos and 50 sessions of Alexi Arguments. There’s no rollover of unused credits from month to month, though. To customize a plan, you can reach out to use at

Can I buy memos in bulk?

Yes. We currently offer the ability to purchase a set number of memos upfront, with a full year to use them. These plans start at 25 Pro Memos, and 125 Instant Memos.

Do you bill per user?

No. Each firm can add an unlimited number of users to its account at no additional cost, provided each new email address comes from the same domain.

Why should I use Alexi?

1. Increased Accuracy - It may be your first time seeing a legal issue, but Alexi has likely seen it before. By leveraging proprietary AI trained on 30+ million pairs of legal questions and answers, you will find the most relevant law every time. 
2. Time savings - Alexi will find you the law you’re looking for faster than using traditional legal research methods (boolean platforms etc.). Our customers save 2-4 hours per memo, on average.

Who uses Alexi?

Law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes currently use Alexi for their legal research needs. We cover all practice areas, and cater to lawyers with both a litigation and transactional law focus.

Will this replace lawyers?

No. We have a strong commitment to Professional AI Alignment, which acknowledges the unique role and necessity of humans in the legal profession, both in its delivery of legal services but also in the development of AI technologies. It clearly defines where AI should begin and end, and where human tasks should begin and end. In our view, this starts with the framework that AI can and should be tasked with only objective tasks (finding the law), while human legal professionals should remain the exclusive domain of all subjective tasks (advocating, structuring arguments, strategizing, advising clients). This is critically important for the legal profession as a whole and its regulators.

Will this eliminate my billable hours?

Most of our customers tell us that most of the time they spend on legal research is written off, especially in areas of law where their clients tend to be economically disadvantaged. Most time spent on research is non-billable, and therefore there is an opportunity cost to spending time on the tedious, repetitive task of legal research. That said, our customers still spend some time reviewing our memos and determining how to apply them to the facts of their cases, and many of them bill for the time spent on this task. It’s the difference between finding the law and applying the law.

My firm doesn’t do a ton of research. Can Alexi still be useful?

We offer flexible pricing plans that can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time.

How do I know the answers are accurate?

Try us free! We offer 10 free instant memos as a pilot. Join thousands of other lawyers who trust Alexi for their research needs.

Will this replace the need for law students?

No. Just like the calculator didn’t replace math/accounting students, Alexi doesn’t replace law students. Technology evolves, and AI is a reality that firms are now incorporating into their practice. Hundreds of our customers provide access to their law students, and it allows them to step up their game, learn faster, and spend more time acquiring skills that they will use in their future careers.

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