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Alexi is an excellent resource that further augments our lawyers’ ability to provide outstanding legal services and value to our clients.

Ginevra Saylor

Gowling WLG

Alexi has shown demonstrable ROI for our Knowledge Management team as well as our entire firm, and we would recommend it to any firm that has research needs.

Paul Saunders

Stewart McKelvey

I think it makes us better lawyers because we’re on top of things, and that energy can be better spent doing what we’re intended to do – share our experience and advice with the client...Alexi has upped our game considerably.

Brian Galbraith

Galbraith Family Law

Alexi's memos promptly summarize the relevant law for us, usually in a day or less, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent spinning our wheels sorting through case law.

Kevin Weeks

Mergen Law

It’s a fantastic way to get the information we need to the clients and then focus on the core issues on their file, discussing strategy and how to move forward as opposed to spending hours of leafing through case after case to see whether it’s been overturned or whether it really applies.

Eoin Logan

Carraig Law Group

At Oatley Vigmond, we have been using Alexi to streamline our legal research needs. The memos summarize relevant case law with a quick turnaround time, which has been especially helpful for narrow or niche areas of law that would otherwise require hours of tedious research. We would recommend Alexi to any law firm looking to save time on legal research.

James Vigmond


Alexi’s automated platform provides an amazing and cost-effective head start on research tasks on the federal and state law legal questions we present to it and with excellent turn-around time. Since we started with Alexi over a year ago, our neutrals have saved hundreds of hours of independent research saving time and money.

Jack Russo

ComputerLaw Group

Alexi memos are 100% exceeding their value compared to how much I’d bill out, or even an articling student would bill out, for the time it would take us to do the same research.

Lorie Chambers

Krecklewech & Chambers

What I liked most while using Alexi is how fast and easy it was to create legal research memos. Great time management skills is essential while working in a law office, by using Alexi, I reduced the time I spent conducting research which allowed me to delegate my time to other tasks. Overall, Alexi helped improve my efficiency and productivity at work.


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