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Alexi supports lawyers across the USA and Canada. Our AI knows the law in your jurisdiction, and will provide the most relevant arguments, caselaw and legislation to support your case.

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Domain-Specific Generative AI

Alexi combines advanced domain-specific AI and large language models like GPT-4 to deliver accurate results that you can trust. No hallucinations, made-up cases or irrelevant law.

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Our customers come from all walks of the litigation spectrum, including family law, personal injury, commercial litigation, employment law, securities law, civil rights and many more.

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Fine tune your research with a lawyer's review with Pro Memos.

When our AI is not confident in the accuracy of an Instant Memo, the user will be prompted and given the option of generating a Pro Memo using our traditional human-in-the-loop process. Alexi's AI and research lawyers review and synthesize millions of documents to find you the most relevant caselaw and legislation.

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