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Alexi Debuts Arguments and Mark Doble Participates in a Panel Discussion at FLW New York Summit

Alexi CEO Mark Doble Explores the Current Impact and Future Possibilities of AI on Law Firms at Future Lawyers Week with Panel of Experts

Future Lawyer Week held its 2023 New York Summit and Alexi CEO Mark Doble participated in a discussion about the implementation of AI at law firms with panelists Jason Lichter, Principal, Troutman Pepper eMerge; Scott Kveton, CEO, CaseMark AI; and Jenna Gabay, Partner at Rivkin Radler LLP. The panel was moderated by Evan J. Shenkman, Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, at Fisher Phillips.

At the conference, Mark also debuted Arguments, the newest Alexi product, to an eager audience. In the presentation, Doble showed off how Alexi’s AI technology can provide a list of legal arguments to help meet any desired legal outcome, furthering Alexi’s mission of helping litigators know the law with greater confidence. 

Here are some highlights from the discussion “Bot Therapy - Navigating Challenges and Embracing Efficiency with AI".

For Lawyers, AI is Already Here

  • AI is no longer science fiction. It’s a reality that law firms must deal with, at the risk of falling behind. 

Clients Are Putting the Pressure On

  • Some of the pressure to adopt AI is coming from law firm clients themselves. They are frequently asking their attorneys which AI tools they use to deliver better service at a lower cost, and it is increasingly becoming a baseline requirement from clients.  

Some AI Legal Tech Features Are Non-Negotiable

  • The most important considerations that law firms are concerned with when adopting AI are that there is no bias, no ability for the AI to hallucinate, and that the data they are providing to vendors is safe and secure, and not being used to train third-party models.

More Training Is Still Needed For End Users

  • Law firm innovation leaders must manage the expectations of the end-users of AI platforms within their firms. Oftentimes, users have no idea what to expect, and they set unrealistic expectations and assume the AI will solve all of their problems, and do their work for them. The panelists all seemed to agree that most AI is here to push the user in the right direction, and provide a head-start, but not to solve every single problem they have. That’s the lawyer’s job. 

While the future looks bright for legal AI technology, the present has already changed dramatically from where legal AI adoption stood even a year ago. With more and more lawyers testing and incorporating AI legal software into their standard practices, it’s become clear that the legal profession is one of the first to see tangible benefits from this futuristic technology.

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