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Canadian Lawyer Magazine Interviews Alexi CEO and Head of Growth

Alexi CEO Mark Doble and Head of Growth Daniel Diamond Make the Case For Legal Domain AIs in Canadian Lawyer Mag Interview

In one form or another, it looks like AI tools are here to stay. While generative AI tools have been in the spotlight this year for their exciting capabilities and seemingly limitless potential, the teams behind trailblazing AI tools like Alexi, which are specialized for a specific domain, have a difficult task before them. They must not only build and refine new technologies that professionals in the field can leverage, but they must also navigate important questions about AI’s place in the world so these tools do not overstep beyond boundaries that should be reserved for humans alone.

Alexi CEO Mark Doble, and Head of Growth Daniel Diamond, talked both about the current and potential capabilities of AI, as well as what role Alexi feels that AI should play within the field of law in their interview with Canadian Lawyer Magazine: Legal industry must figure out ‘professional AI alignment:’ Alexi co-founder, CEO Mark Doble

In the interview, Doble presents Alexi’s thesis and how the company views AI alignment for the legal domain, “We think it's really important for the effective functioning of the legal industry that lawyers are using AI, but that they're ultimately the bearers of the services to the public. We think this is really critical.” AI in this sense is yet another tool at a lawyer’s disposal that they can use to carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently.

Read the full article: Legal industry must figure out ‘professional AI alignment:’ Alexi co-founder, CEO Mark Doble

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