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Building Personal Injury Cases with AI-Powered Legal Research

Check out these tips for using AI legal technology to build strong personal injury cases

Major law firms are making massive investments into AI-powered legal technology, keen on the advantages of streamlining legal research and pursuing data-driven insights.

Gone are the days of Boolean searching and scrolling until our eyes turned red, leafing through authorities and noting up tort precedents with no end in sight; artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the nature of legal work in tort law (and just about everywhere else). In the words of Daniel Tobey, DLA Piper’s chair of AI practice: “This is an arms race, and you don’t want to be the last law firm with these tools. It’s very easy to become a dinosaur these days.”

Accelerated Legal Research and Efficient Case Evaluation

Traditionally, lawyers spend countless hours manually analyzing past case outcomes, legal precedents, and statutes to build up their clients’ cases. Today, AI-powered legal research tools can dramatically expedite this process using techniques like natural language processing to synthesize vast legal databases and identify relevant sources and patterns in a fraction of the time.

When it comes to AI in tort law, these tools excel at processing relevant variables across tort precedents – including the nature and severity of injuries, treatment costs, lost wages, and jurisdiction-specific patterns. This information can help PI lawyers negotiate more effectively on behalf of their clients and determine a reasonable range of amounts for settlement.

With the power of AI, law firms can significantly reduce their non-billable research time, allowing them to focus on higher-level strategic work and provide services to clients at lower costs. AI's responsible and ethical use in tort law will ultimately contribute to a more just, accessible and affordable legal system.

Though one of the most infamous personal injury cases of recent memory would suggest that it’s unwise to present AI-powered legal research to a court judge, the automation of case-law analysis, citation checking and research memo composition from a reliable company like Alexi could be the difference between your firm thriving and surviving in the years to come.  

How to Use Alexi to Build Strong Personal Injury Cases

Alexi’s proprietary technology and secure, easy-to-use platform makes legal research “less of an art and more of a science,” saving users an average of four hours per research task. 

Suppose you represent a client injured due to medical malpractice and would like to know if they can claim damages based on no longer being able to continue an apprenticeship. Alexi streamlines your research and returns an answer you can be confident in.

  1. Describe your research needs: provide some relevant factual context and a description of what you’re looking to know, and Alexi’s AI will help you construct an objective question about the law. E.g.: “Can a person who was apprenticing in a trade who was injured by medical malpractice claim damages resulting from their inability to enter into that profession as a result of the injury?” Also enter other pertinent details to the question, if necessary, and include a jurisdiction, in this case, New York State.
  1. Alexi reviews and synthesizes research: Alexi’s AI technology analyzes the request and retrieves the authorities required to answer the research request.
  1. Alexi produces a research memo: Alexi returns a completed research memo with a “Conclusion,” an in-depth look at the “Law” on which the conclusion is built, and a list of “Authorities” referenced in the memo. The authorities section is crucial as it provides undeniable proof that the cases referenced do in fact exist and can be easily located by a judge or opposing counsel.

View the sample memo for this request here: Can an person who was apprenticing in a trade who was injured by medical malpractice claim damages resulting from their inability to enter into that profession as a result of the injury?

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Daniel Diamond is in Business Development at Alexi.

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