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Alexi can simplify your legal research in three easy steps.

Describe your research needs

Tell Alexi what you're looking for, include any relevant facts and let Alexi take care of the rest.

AI reviews and synthesizes research

Alexi's AI and research lawyers review and synthesize millions of documents to find you the most relevant caselaw and legislation.

Alexi produces a research memo

Receive a precise legal research memo with a conclusion, caselaw summaries and a full list of authorities.

Answers to your toughest legal questions

Each memo Alexi creates contains 4 key pieces of information...

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The question submitted by you as the lawyer or legal team is recorded, along with the date the memo was prepared.

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Alexi will display a summary of the key points of law set out in the memo.

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Alexi provides a full answer to your question with quotes and summaries from relevant caselaw and legislation in the body of each memo.

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Included in each memo is a hyperlinked list of cases and legislation cited by Alexi.

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How your question is answered

The conclusion provides a short overview of the answer to the question.

Each paragraph of the conclusion consists of either:
- a statement of a relevant legal principle, or
- a case summary that demonstrates an application of the principle in an analogous or distinguishable situation

The Law section of an Alexi memo contains the complete answer to your question. Each paragraph in the Law section refers to a single source of law (either a case or a legislative document). Each paragraph begins by identifying the case or piece of legislation and summarizing the part of the document that is relevant to the question asked. After providing a summary, the important paragraphs or sections are quoted directly.

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