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What Do You Do With a Legal Research Memo?

As a former law librarian I was a professional question asker. One of the questions I would ask when being assigned a research gathering task was typically, “What are you using this for”. The answer would vary.  Was my research gathering output for a court brief or client opinion? Depending on the answer I would provide a slightly different package of data to my law firm clients.

With an Alexi legal research memo, we don’t ask the question about what you are using our solution for. What this means is a consistent product that makes no assumptions except that it will be read.

Though we don’t make assumptions, we do have an idea about how lawyers will use our solution.  

We expect that when you read a legal research memo it will make you question.  Perhaps you will question the way you worded your question.  We have a follow-up link to the right of our memo viewer just for this purpose.

Perhaps you will question the results. GREAT. At Alexi, we believe in our product. Our law society member, quality assurance research lawyers review each memo.

We truly hope you will ask questions about the law that we cite in the memo. We hope that you will use the memo links to read the relevant case law we cite. We know that an Alexi research memo provides you will an answer to your question that will lead you to the answer that your client needs.

Advocacy is an art. Gathering the law from a legal research question and providing a research memo with analysis and a conclusion using Alexi is science.

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