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Alexi Featured in the Canadian Bar Association National Magazine

Mark Doble’s goal is to transform legal research into something that lawyers use, rather than something lawyers do. He also wants them to stop reinventing the wheel.

Doble is the co-founder & CEO of Alexi, whose platform proposes to answer legal research questions. It aims to update the time-honoured process of senior lawyers assigning students and juniors to research and prepare legal briefs. Instead of lawyers pouring through source documents and old memos, Alexi uses artificial intelligence to compile the most relevant material related to a question into a formal legal brief. 

"The same legal research work is being repeated all over the country, leading to significant inflation in the cost required to do this work, and increasing the risk of errors," says Doble. "Our focus is on building an incredible product to answer complicated and routine legal questions."

See the entire article on the Canadian Bar Association website.

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