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Alexsei becomes Alexi

I am excited to announce that we have changed the spelling of our name from Alexsei to Alexi and have launched our new website at  

This change coincides with our broader initiative to build the brand that will lead the legal technology industry through this current generation-defining technology shift. Soon, when anyone thinks about AI and the law, they will think of Alexi. 

Generative AI is powerful technology, and the combination of domain-specific AI with state-of-the-art LLMs enables incredible products for the legal industry. Of course, this does not come without risks.

As leaders in generative AI in the legal industry, we work hard to ensure the proper and responsible development of domain-specific AI products. To that end, we are committed to the following three core values that guide everything we do at Alexi: 

1. Strive to make the law more knowable

Our goal is to make the law more knowable, while, at the same time, not artificially removing ambiguity where it exists. We do this through value-driven product development that is aligned with the legal professionals who deliver the legal services.

2. Value-driven product development

Our product development is value driven, not technology driven. We do not adopt new technologies or AI models because they are cool or have generated hype. We adopt new technologies or AI models because the data show they provide greater value to the professionals who use them. 

3. Professional AI Alignment

Currently, we can’t be sure that open-domain AIs are sufficiently aligned with human interests (a problem known as the AI Alignment problem), and therefore we should not permit AI to directly affect legal outcomes. 

Human legal professionals should be the exclusive providers of legal services to the general public. This principle must be adhered to if we are to properly integrate AI into the legal industry and achieve what we refer to as “Professional AI Alignment.” 

That being said, a significant amount of “behind the scenes” objective work can and should be done by AI. Moreover, our commitment to Professional AI Alignment also requires the direct involvement of human legal professionals in the development of AI technologies.

You will be hearing lots more about this in the coming months and years ahead! 



CEO & Founder

Mark Doble is CEO & Founder of Alexsei.

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