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Alexi Announces 2021 Issue Spotting Contest: $5,000 Worth of Prizes!

Alexi is excited to announce its first ever Issue Spotting Contest! The contest will run from July 2 - July 30, 2021, and is open to law and articling students studying at Canadian schools (excluding Quebec).

Contestants will be provided with a fact pattern and must extract three legal issues from it. There will be five $1,000 prizes awarded to entrants who correctly identify the issues in the fact pattern. Winners will be chosen through a random draw and announced during a Zoom webinar on August 13  at 12 PM EST.

To enter the contest, students are asked to visit and use the Google Form to submit their issues. The fact pattern will also be posted to this page on July 2 at 10 AM EST.

Submissions will be judged based on quality of the issues, relevance to the fact pattern, and must be clear and concise. To take a look at all the details of the submission and selection process, please visit the contest webpage above.We are thrilled to be hosting this contest and are looking forward to reading submissions!

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