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Alexi CEO Mark Doble Selected as Fastcase 50 Honoree

vLex and Fastcase Highlight Alexi’s Contribution to Improving the Speed and Efficiency of Conducting Legal Research

Alexi CEO, Mark Doble, has been selected as a Fastcase 50 Honoree for the class of 2023. “By harnessing the power of technology and his profound understanding of the legal domain, Mark has transformed the efficiency and precision of legal research” the article noted. “Alexi swiftly delivers answers in a clear, concise memo format.”

In a LinkedIn post, Mark wrote: “Fastcase has been a huge supporter of innovation in legal and we at Alexi have been very pleased to work with them as our main caselaw providers in the US. Thank you for including me in the vLex / Fastcase 50 Honorees this year! I certainly can't take credit for all the work the amazing team at Alexi has accomplished thus far, and we're just getting started.”

Read the full article on the vLex website: Fastcase 50 Honorees

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