Is there any case law where a child unilaterally ends a relationship with one parent without any apparent reason?

Nova Scotia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Hill v. Davis, 2006 NSSC 199 (CanLII):

Fluery L.J.S.C. , in Law v. Law, at p. 462, noted as follows: “. . . where, as here, a mature child unilaterally terminates a relationship with one of the parents without any apparent reason, that is a factor to be considered by the trial judge in determining whether it would be “fit and just” to provide maintenance for that child. A father-child relationship is more than a simple economic dependency. The father is burdened with heavy financial responsibilities and the child has very few duties in return. It seems reasonable to demand that a child who expects to receive support entertain some type of relationship with his or her father in the absence of any conduct by the father which might justify the child’s neglect of his or her filial duties.” (My emphasis)

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