What are the obligations of a step-parent to the child of a child born into the marriage?

Nova Scotia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Verdun v. Dorrance, 2006 NSSC 305 (CanLII):

Chartier v. Chartier (1999), 1999 CanLII 707 (SCC), 235 N.R. 1 (SCC) states as follows: “...The court must determine the nature of the relationship . . . by looking at a number of factors, among which is intention. . . . The court must also infer intention from actions and take into consideration that even expressed intentions may sometimes change. The actual fact of forming a new family is a key factor. . . . the relevant factors in defining the parental relationship include, but are not limited to, whether the child participates in the extended family in the same way as would a biological child; whether the person provides financially for the child (depending on ability to pay); whether the person disciplines the child as parent; whether the person represents to the child, the family, the world, either explicitly or implicitly, that he or she is responsible as parent to the child; the nature or existence of the child’s relationship with the absent biological parent. . . . Once it is shown that the child is to be considered, in fact, a “child of the marriage”, the obligations of the step-parent towards him or her are the same as those relative to a child born of the marriage with regard to the application of the Divorce Act.” (My emphasis)

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