What constitutes an “election offence”?

Manitoba, Canada

The following excerpt is from Sexton v. Holde, 1999 CanLII 14547 (MB QB):

What constitutes an ‘election offence’ was considered by Monnin J. in Ammeter v. Perrier, supra, at paragraphs 17 - 20: “[17] Part III of the Act is entitled “Election Offences and Controverted Elections”. Division I of Part III is entitled “Election Offences”. The provisions of the Act which follow these headings deal with a number of types of conduct, including bribery at elections, undue influence at elections, personation, false voting and publishing false statements. Some of these offences are described as election offences, others as merely offences. The penalty for the commission of both types of offences is sometimes referred to in the section creating the offence, sometimes not. If not, it would be subject to the general penalty section set out in Part V of the Act.

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