What is the tort of conversion?

British Columbia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Scott v. Filipovic, 2014 BCSC 939 (CanLII):

The tort of conversion involves the wrongful interference with another person’s chattels, such as taking, using or destroying the goods in a way that is inconsistent with the owner’s ownership of or title to the goods: see Ast v. Mikolas, 2010 BCSC 127, at para. 125. The elements that must be proven to establish the tort of conversion are: (a) a wrongful act by the defendant involving the goods of the plaintiff; (b) the act must consist of handling, disposing, or destroying the goods; and (c) the defendant’s actions must have either the effect or intention of interfering with (or denying) the plaintiff’s right or title to the goods. See Ast v. Mikolas, at para. 126.

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