Can a forger who uses his name on a fraudulent deed obtain a valid title to a property?

Saskatchewan, Canada

The following excerpt is from Watson v. Ogilvie, 1924 CanLII 94 (SK QB):

In Gibbs v. Messer [1891] A.C. 248, 60 L.J.P.C. 20, at p. 23, I find the following: The protection which the statute gives to persons transacting on the faith of the register is, by its terms, limited to those who actually deal with and derive right from a proprietor whose name is upon the register. Those who deal, not with the registered proprietor, but with a forger who uses his name, do not transact on the faith of the register; and they cannot by registration of a forged deed acquire a valid title in their own person, although the fact of their being registered will enable them to pass a valid right to third parties who purchase from them in good faith and for onerous consideration.

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