How has section 1 of the Interpretation Act, 1889, been interpreted?

Alberta, Canada

The following excerpt is from International Association of Firefighters, Local 209 v. Edmonton (City), 1979 ALTASCAD 74 (CanLII):

That the provisions of an interpretation act are not to be applied uncritically is made clear in the cases. I refer to the words of Lord Goddard, C.J. in Rex v. National Arbitration Tribunal (1952) 1 K.B. 46 where at p. 53 he says: "The order of 1951 is in our view intended to cover disputes which affect either all the workmen in the service of an employer or a particular section of workmen in his employment. In our view the whole tenor of the order of 1951, and the fact that, throughout the order, the word 'employer' in the singular is used in conjunction with the word 'workmen' in the plural indicate an intention that these words should be interpreted literally and, in consequence, that section 1 of the Interpretation Act, 1889, to which we have referred above, should not apply."

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