Can a consent judgment be set aside if the consent was executed by counsel and issued by the court?

Saskatchewan, Canada

The following excerpt is from McIvor v. McIvor, 2001 SKQB 462 (CanLII):

I am of the view that these general principles have application to the issues before me, particularly to a consideration of what circumstances would entitle a party to a consent judgment, executed by counsel and issued by the court, to have such a consent judgment declared to be ineffectual and set aside. The rationale in Hawitt v. Campbell et al. (supra), suggests, by implication, that such a consent judgment could be declared to be ineffectual and set aside if there was a limitation on the instructions of the solicitor which was known to the opposite party, or where a solicitor misapprehended instructions or facts of a nature such as would result in injustice or make it unreasonable or unfair to enforce the settlement, or where fraud or collusion in relation to the settlement could be demonstrated.

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