Is there any reason to withdraw an admission of liability?

Saskatchewan, Canada

The following excerpt is from Verklan Motors Ltd. v. Nipawin, Town of, 1981 CanLII 2313 (SK QB):

The sole apparent reason for the defendant’s request to withdraw the admission of liability is that the damages may be higher than what had been earlier estimated. This is hardly a sufficient reason to allow the admission to be withdrawn, vide: Rowan v. Landriault, (supra). There has not been one word from the defendant as to new facts having been discovered at any time since the admissions were made. Neither has anything been presented to the court to show that the facts upon which the admissions were made were not true, or that the admissions were inadvertent or that the pleader had been wrongly instructed. Furthermore, counsel for the defendant is an experienced and resourceful counsel who would have brought these things to the court’s attention [if] did they in fact exist.

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