What is the principle of speedy justice in the Provincial Offences Act?

Ontario, Canada

The following excerpt is from R. v. Gregorczyk, 2012 ONCJ 99 (CanLII):

[135] This statement of principle is consistent with the views of Libman J. in Regina v. Farokhshadfar, supra., where he noted that “the very short times lines that govern under the Provincial Offences Act make it clear that speedy justice is the hallmark of proceedings under this Act”. Similarly in his decision in Regina ex.rel. City of Toronto v. Andrade, supra., Mr. Justice Libman described the P.O.A. court in Ontario as “the peoples’ court”, where “most persons in this province will experience the justice system in action”. He noted that infractions under Part I of the P.O.A. “consist of matters for which the defendant may receive, at most, a fine, and the accompanying stigma of conviction, if any, is minor…”. Furthermore in the same decision he noted that “the short time lines under Part I of the Provincial Offences Act serve to place a premium on speedy justice…”.

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