What is the impact of a traumatic history of a 5 year old in temporary care?

Manitoba, Canada

The following excerpt is from Manitoba (Director of Child and Family Services) v. H.H. and C.G., 2016 MBQB 138 (CanLII):

Certainly, one only needs to look as far as the fact pattern in Métis Child, Family and Community Services v. B.A.R.R. and K.C.S.S., 2016 MBQB 125, to review the worst case scenario of the traumatic history of a 5 year old in temporary care where the issue before the court was whether a permanent order should be granted. In that case, the child had seven placements, all before she reached 30 months of age, insecure attachments, inadequate therapy to deal with the child’s problems, multiple behavioural issues, and a general lack of stability in her life.

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