What is the test for obtaining an injunction against an individual who has committed a breach of the Public Prosecutions Act?

British Columbia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Fraser Health Authority v. Jongerden, 2010 BCSC 355 (CanLII):

The petitioner has established a breach of the legislation. It is in the public interest to have the law followed. In accordance with the cases relied upon by the petitioner where the breach is established, an injunction ought to follow. In Attorney-General v. Harris (1961), 1 Q.B. 74 at 95, referred to in East Kootenay at para. 18, Pearce L.J. observed: A breach with impunity by one citizen leads to breach by other citizens, or to a general feeling that the law is unjustly partial to those who have the persistence to flout it. ]

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