What is the impact of a recent decision in a family law case in which a husband has been ordered to pay his ex-wife’s life insurance in order to get a beneficial interest in his life insurance policy?

Nova Scotia, Canada

The following excerpt is from a caselaw decision:

While it was not cited by either party to this matter, I find Hood, J.’s recent decision in Crouse v. Crouse, [2001] N.S.J. No. 252, to be compelling and significantly on point. That case involved a long traditional marriage, in which the wife had forgone employment opportunities early on and with the consent of her husband in order to provide full-time care to their children. At the time of trial, Mr Crouse had failed to voluntarily pay any of the support payments owing under an interim order. In dealing with Ms Crouse’s request for security in the form of a beneficial interest in Mr Crouse’s life insurance policy, Hood J. wrote, at paragraphs 28 and 29:

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