Can non-resident class members be protected in a class action?

Ontario, Canada

The following excerpt is from Silver v. Imax Corporation, 2009 CanLII 72334 (ON SC):

LeBel J. in Canada Post Corporation v. Lépine, emphasized the importance of protection for the rights and interests of non-resident class members both through the notice procedure and through the recognition of subclasses where appropriate at paras. 42 and 56: A class action takes place outside the framework of the traditional duel between a single plaintiff and a single defendant. In many class proceedings, the representative acts on behalf of a very large class. The decision that is made not only affects the representative and the defendants, but may also affect all claimants in the classes covered by the action. For this reason, adequate information is necessary to satisfy the requirement that individual rights be safeguarded in a class proceeding. The notice procedure is indispensable in that it informs members about how the judgment authorizing the class action or certifying the class proceeding affects them, about the rights -- in particular the possibility of opting out of the class action -- they have under the judgment, and sometimes, as here, about a settlement in the case. … The formation of a national class can lead to the delicate problem of creating subclasses within it and determining what legal system will apply to them. In the context of such proceedings, the court hearing an application also has a duty to ensure that the conduct of the proceeding, the choice of remedies and the enforcement of the judgment effectively take account of each group's specific interests, and it must order them to ensure that clear information is provided.

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