Is child support for two children calculated based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines?

Alberta, Canada

The following excerpt is from M.P.L. v. E.C., 1998 ABQB 75 (CanLII):

In Channer v. Hoffman-Turner, supra, Kenny, J. awarded an amount of child support for two children based on the Guidelines even though their parents had never married. The children were 10- and 12-years-old. Kenny, J. stated: "I am of the view that it is appropriate to apply those guidelines in situations of both married and unmarried persons in order that children be treated fairly. The objectives of the child support guidelines include the need to establish a fair standard of support for children that ensures that they continue to benefit from the financial means of both spouses after separation and to ensure consistent treatment of the spouse and children who are in similar circumstances. In my view, in similar financial circumstances, we would be treating children of parents who were unmarried differently than the children of parents who were married by using different parameters to deal with the issue of child support. I do not believe that is appropriate nor does it ensure that children in similar circumstances are treated consistently. I am of the view, therefore, that it is appropriate to utilize the Federal Child Support Guidelines in calculating support for the two children in this case."

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