Is Attorney-General for Canada Attorney General for Canada legal?

Canada (Federal), Canada

The following excerpt is from Switzman v. Elbling and A.G. of Quebec, 1957 CanLII 2 (SCC), [1957] SCR 285:

1936 CanLII 45 (SCC), [1936] S.C.R. 366, [1936] 3 D.L.R. 593, 66 0.0.C. 161, affirmed sub nom. Attorney-General for British Columbia v. Attorney-General for Canada, 1937 CanLII 365 (UK JCPC), [1937] A.C. 368, [1937] 1 D.L.R. 688, 67 C.C.C. 193, [1937] 1 W.W.R. 317.

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