What is a reasonable decision for a tribunal to make a decision on a motion for sexual assault?

Ontario, Canada

The following excerpt is from A.I. v. Ontario (Director, Child and Family Services Act), 2005 CanLII 63753 (ON SC):

A reasonable decision is one which is grounded in the evidence and contains a visible line of reasoning whose logic can withstand "somewhat probing" scrutiny. In Law Society of New Brunswick v. Ryan,38 Iacobucci J. said: A decision will be unreasonable only if there is no line of analysis within the given reasons that could reasonably lead the tribunal from the evidence before it to the conclusion at which it arrived. If any of the reasons that are sufficient to support the conclusion are tenable in the sense that they can stand up to a somewhat probing examination, then the decision will not be unreasonable and a reviewing court must not interfere.

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